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Gossamer - friends and fans of the band
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This is a place where friends, fans, and the band can blog it up.
4ad, adagio, adam ant, ambient, anne rice, apoptygma berzerk, army, army of lovers, art, b-movies, bauhaus, blatant honesty, books, boots, camping, chess(london cast), christianity, classical music, clouds, clubbing, cocteau twins, coffee, columbus, cosmetology, curve, darkwave, david bowie, dead can dance, deejaying, delerium, depeche mode, dogs, drama, duran duran, education, electronic, elizabeth fraser, emt, england, enigma, everquest, exploring, fade, fantasy, flirting, george michael, glam, gossamer, goth, gothic, guinness, guitar, hair, home studio recording, hope, hugs, ireland, joy division, julian sands, king crimson, kissing, knights, leather, leonard cohen, lestat, love, love and rockets, lush, lycia, madonna, makeup, making love, making music, male vocalists, masks, massive attack, medicine, mono, monogamy, moon, muppets, music, musical instruments, musicals, mythology, new order, night, nursing, opera, patrick nagel, pennsic war, pet shop boys, peter murphy, phantom of the opera, photography, piano, piercings, pink floyd, poe, poetry, portishead, prince, projekt, psychedelic furs, rafaela roses, rain, rocky horror picture show, romance, roses, runes, sarah mclachlan, sci-fi, scotland, seal, sex, sherilyn fenn, singing, sisters of mercy, sleep, snuggling, songwriting, spooning, sting, stone roses, swords, synthpop, taylor dayne, the cure, the doors, theatre, this mortal coil, tim curry, tom jones, toni halliday, touring, toys, transformers, travel, vinyl, vnv nation, voice, wayne hussey, wine, wolfsheim, writing, wumpscut, xymox