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[crossposted] Pimping my vocal work...

Hi there. I'll give you a few brief facts about me, what I'm looking for, and what I'm not looking for:

- I'm a baritone/bass vocalist with more of a 'singing' voice than being a screamer, but I can work the harder/faster stuff as well as nail the slower/passionate work.
- I *can* play a number of other instruments (my favorite toys are my 12 string acoustic and my 6 string baritone bass), but I'm primarily concerned with finding a lead singing gig.
- Voice comparisons(others', not mine): David Gahan/Martin Gore, Jim Morrison, Peter Murphy, Ian Curtis, Bowie, etc etc etc.
- I'm 33, about to hit 34. I have a FT career. I prefer a part time/serious hobby situation over a 'put our hearts and souls into making it' thing.
- While my interests don't completely define me, I think it might help to mention that my favorite sounds lie somewhere between 70's and 80' s post-punk to goth/ethereal/EBM/industrial alternative rock.(If 4AD, Fiction or Beggar's Banquet mean something to you, let's talk). My CD player rotates a variety from The Cure to Depeche Mode to Slayer.
- I prefer a studio/creative process over live performance, but both are great, and I am highly experienced with both. I am familiar with a variety of outboard gear as well as a lot of PC studio applications and sequencing/multitracking.
- I prefer a *mostly* originals situation. If you want to toss in some interesting covers, cool, but I'm about creating music, not rehashing it.
- I prefer to jump in on an established, working project/band, but will consider a one-on-one project with a quality, multitalented person.

Interested? Mail me at adagiogray*removethisspamblock* if you'd like some mp3s of my work or to chat about possibilities. Yeah, remove that one part, it helps throw off some of the bots that pilfer through these sites for addresses to spam.
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