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First off, happy birthday wishes to fellow Aug 3rdians Callie and Josh, as well as my cousin Amanda(Aug 2nd). Also, Rach, let me know what you want for your birthday. Yes, I suck.
Although today is my birthday, Trish hosted a (freakin' awesome!!) goth-themed birthday over at Dave 'n Toni's place on Friday. I was amazed at:
1. the # of people who showed up
2. the # of non-goth folks who really dressed up (and looked great!!!) and
3. how well so many people researched and got into it
4. how great this place is

I apologize to everyone for not having the party music burned to a CD, I waited til the last minute and Windows Media Player decided to crash on me. Yes, I use WMP for burning. *hangs head* Thankfully, Dave had a USB removable drive, so goth music was had, albeit later in the evening.

I haven't come up with an official name for it, but my 'Black Sangria' seemed to do its job and get everyone trashed, even the unsuspecting. For those of you who attended my handfasting party in Columbus waaaaaay back in the day, it's a slightly modified version of my party sangria from that, where everyone stumbled home.

one 5 liter box of burgundy
one 5 liter box of sangria(or burgundy again)
one 750ml bottle of blackberry brandy(not schnapps, get the high test!)
one 750ml bottle of peach brandy(not schnapps, get the high test!)
one bottle of triple sec
2 cans of Five Alive citrus juice concentrate
toss in various fresh fruit, I use limes, lemons, and oranges. You can throw in maraschino cherries or frozen grapes too, and watch 'em disappear.

Phat lewtz:
- D&D 3.5 Player Handbook (signed by the 2000 World Champion Lauri, who was in attendance at the party, no less)
- D&D 3.5 Dungeon Master Guide
- D20 Modern Roleplaying Game Guide
- notebook and folders for character sheets
- dice
- a handmade leather dice bag
- a box of clove cigarettes
- a WalMart Gift Card
I think that covers it - I'm sorry if I forgot anything!

Now I just need a chance to use the books. Right now I'm involved in a D20 Modern game, but I really, really miss D&D too. Thank you all for making this the best birthday ever.

Well, Gossamer lives on. Somewhat. We've had to hook up goblin jumper cables, but it's somewhat resurrected. Yeti and Gaither (aka Josh 'n Josh, respectively) are great musicians, the first a drummer, the second a guitarist. I got my wishes and finally found a real, live drummer, and a bona fide crunch guitar man. All we need is a bass player and/or keys/someone that *loves* to sequence (yes, Yeti is more than willing to work along with sequencing). The three of us are using the latest Studio version of Fruity Loops, but we're somewhat lacking in the samples area, only having default instruments to work with. Erin Nicole, Jim, where are you with your gigs of samples? At any rate, some basic ideas are laid out, we hope to have something together to submit in time for Convergence 13.

Do you have that Portishead song stuck in your head now, too? Good.
Lots of big choices and changes coming up. Trish has put in her notice and will be done with BCBSMO in a couple of weeks. She'll be going back to school at Ozark Technical College for A+ certification in September. The lease here is up at the end of October, and we don't know what city we'll be in after that, much less where we'll set up permanent residence, although it will probably be here in Springfield. To lower overhead debt while schooling/job hunting, she might be selling her car for the loan balance to Yeti. That puts us down to one vehicle for the short term, until her job and dream Toyota Yaris are found. The hospital is ok, and I'm proud to be a nurse, but I question my job choice. I'm just really tired of nights, and very tired of floor nursing, at least for the $$ offered. I have higher acuity patients for (a LOT) less $$ than I'm used to. It's ok, I knew what I was getting into, but these first few months in Springfield were intended to be a "let's see if this situation is going to work out long-term" thing, not necessarily a life choice. I'd like a mon-fri 9-5er, but I know my only choices there are 1. doctor's office or 2. teaching, and neither of those pay as well as floor/travel nursing. I'm happy to say that I fully intend to ask Trish to marry me, as soon as 1. I get this old ring traded in and 2. solidify a creatively devious method/place/time in which to ask her. I just need to ensure the bills can be paid throughout this transition before investing in the ring. So, between not knowing where we'll be living, how we'll be getting around, and where either one of us will be working in a matter of months, things are decidedly...exciting, right now. Things are a little shaken up, but I only have the mirror to look into, as I'm the one doing the shaking.
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